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Can you Trust CBDfx Products? Find out why.


CBDfx is an online CBD retailer that sells over 50 quality hemp products. They claim that their products are organic and offer exceptional experiences to customers. The products are made from the best quality ingredients.

CBDfx CBD Free Shipping

Cannabidiol CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  It is a non-intoxicating substance and therefore approved and made legal by the United States. Researchers have identified several benefits. However, not all CBD products are safe. But products coming from a company like CBDfx can be considered credible as it is in this business since 2014 and amongst the fifth largest privately held CBD companies.

What are the pros of buying CBDfx products?

  • CBDfx has a wide range of products which include CBD oils, edibles, vaping products, tropical, and concentrates that maintain the highest quality of safety and quality control.
  • The variation in products allows you to choose from the ample selection.
  • The products are lab tested by a third party and all results are posted on their website. They maintain transparency in their product.
  • The CBD products are expensive, but this brand makes them affordable. The option of buying bundle packs brings the price down.
  • They have impressive customer service that values your time and addresses your concerns immediately.


  • With limited information, the trust value takes time to grow with consumers.

Pros & Cons

  • It is essential to understand the hemp source and the type of hemp that the company uses. The company claims that it uses organically grown pesticides free product. However, the certification of the product is yet to be achieved. Nevertheless, the usage of the product till now proves that the hemp source displays high quality.
  • A superficial carbon dioxide extraction method leaves no solvent behind in CBD oils.
  • The company ships only to US customers and after you place the order, your product will be delivered shortly. The customer reviews on the website and third-party websites show favorable feedback from users.

Best CBDfx products for the skin

A range of face masks from them are perfectly safe and help in keeping the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

CBDfx Lavender CBD Night Face Mask – 20mg

CBDfx Face Mask CBD Lavender Night Time

The hemp lavender night face mask has immense moisturizing benefits. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid and lavender, your facial fine lines are filled with moisture giving immediate relief from wrinkles or stress. Detoxifying and restoring, the product is available in 20 mg of non-GMO CBD. The product also helps you to sleep well at night.

CBDfx CBD Face Mask – Rose 20mg

The rose face mask 20mg has a calming fragrance of delicate rose petals. The aroma of the natural flower is infused organically. This helps in moisturizing the face. Rebuilding the skin with potent organic CBD, the Malva sylvestris extract is mixed with peppermint extracts. Available in 20 mg or 50 mg the benefits of cannabidiol leave behind moisturized skin that stimulates collagen production making the skin soft and plump.

CBDfx CBD Face Mask Cucumber

The CBDfx cucumber face mask is filled with natural activates and hydrating nourishment that the skin loves. The Mask reduces inflammation and puffiness from the tired skin. This mask also aids in skin purity. It is available at 20 mg pouch.


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