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CBD? Allergies? Answered!

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CBD Stimulates The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in the functioning of your body’s process of maintaining homeostasis, which includes balanced immune function. In fact, the endocannabinoid system is present in every organ system within the body. Here are a few reasons why this can help to reduce allergy symptoms.

Improvement In Allergy Symptoms Can Reduce Asthma As Well

Not only can a reduction in allergy symptoms help you to feel better, but it can even reduce asthma symptoms in many individuals. This may help to reduce your chances of suffering a serious asthma attack, and it might also help to reduce your chances of experiencing respiratory complications of an illness.

CBD Can Help To Reduce Stress

If you are experiencing a lot of stress, it’s possible that your allergies could get worse as a result. Luckily, CBD can help to relieve stress, which can be highly beneficial for many allergy sufferers. In fact, studies have shown that CBD may be capable of reducing anxiety for many individuals, and it can play an important role in helping you to balance your immune system and give it a boost.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Allergies trigger inflammation in the body, and this is responsible for many allergic symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be beneficial for sufferers of both allergies and asthma, and the compound is able to relieve allergies through a mechanism that’s different from commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs. In fact, the compound acts by having effects on the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

No Side Effects That Are Associated With Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Histamine Medications

Unlike conventional medications that are used by allergy sufferers, CBD has very few side effects. In fact, CBD produces no side effects for most users, and individuals who do experience side effects generally find that they are limited to minor GI disturbances that subside after the body adjusts to the compound. However, conventional medications for allergies can cause a wide range of side effects, which can be serious in some patients.

It Can Take Pressure Off Of The Sinuses

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it can take the pressure off of the sinuses that are caused by inflammation. This can help you to feel your best, and it’s one of the reasons why the compound is so effective for many seasonal allergy sufferers. This can help seasonal allergy sufferers to be much more comfortable this spring.

It May Be Beneficial For Eczema Sufferers

Eczema is commonly associated with allergies of all types, and it often causes itching. In fact, it can be quite uncomfortable for many individuals. CBD can play an important role in reducing this symptom in allergy sufferers. CBD skin products have been proven to help Eczema.

Other Cannabinoids Can Have Benefits For Allergy Sufferers

If you choose a full-spectrum CBD product, you’ll be consuming compounds other than CBD. Not only can other cannabinoids help to reduce allergy symptoms, but you also may experience benefits from certain terpenes within the product as well. Luckily, full-spectrum CBD products that are derived from hemp will contain the same amount of these compounds as you’d find in marijuana oil. The only difference is that hemp-derived CBD products have lower levels of THC.

Does CBD Have Psychoactive Effects?

Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, which means that it will not get you high. This means that you can take the product prior to going to school or work, and it will not impair your performance. In fact, some users even feel that it can enhance concentration rather than impairing it! That’s because THC is the main mind-altering chemical that’s found in cannabis, and this compound has been removed. In fact, you will find that full-spectrum CBD products contain a concentration of 0.3% THC or less.

There Are Many Ways To Safely Take CBD

While most people think of CBD oil when they think of CBD, this is not the only way that you can experience the benefits of this powerful compound. In fact, CBD can also be used topically, be taken as a tincture, or even be taken orally in the form of edibles. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of CBD and how they work for allergy sufferers:

  • Tinctures: Tinctures are a way to consume CBD orally, and they take effect slightly faster than edibles and CBD oil. They usually take effect after around 1 hour or less, and the effects can last for 3-4 hours. However, the dosage that one takes plays a significant role in the duration of the effects that you can expect from a CBD tincture.
  • CBD Gummies And Oil: CBD edibles or oil will usually take effect after around 1-2 hours, and the effects will last for 3-4 hours or more. However, larger dosages can last for longer. The long-lasting effects of CBD edibles and oil make them an excellent choice for people who need all-day or all-night relief from their allergies.
  • Topical CBD Products: Topical CBD products do not have the systemic effects of CBD, such as giving your entire immune system a boost. However, they can have particularly powerful effects on the region of the body that they’re applied to. This can make topical CBD an excellent choice for people who are experiencing an allergic rash.

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