green roads cbd

Green Roads

Green Roads has been around for quite some time now and is very well known for top-quality CBD products. From high-grade tinctures to CBG dominant flower that is perfect for inflammation, body aches, and much more. Winner of the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards for their quality and consistency, it’s no wonder they are one of the top proven CBD manufacturers.

With their advanced extraction, the method yields some of the cleanest CBD oils and concentrates. New and improved extraction laborites with high tech machinery, you can say a lot has been put into providing the best CBD products. With the only USA made hemp, rigorous testing on all raw material is performed to make sure there are no harmful pesticides, heavy metals (remember this is important, the soil must be the best), microbial (some poor manufactures let these slide, which can lead to sickness), you can bet they only use top-grade ingredients for all formulations and products.

Their oil is absolutely wonderful in terms of true effectiveness that remains consistent. Tinctures are always recommended to be held under the tongue, the longer the better, it increases bioavailability (the amount that actually will enter the bloodstream) and their vapes hit the spot even faster and better, so you can pay less for the same results you may achieve with tincture oil. Creams and lotions as well as the same high-quality ingredients are wonderful for hitting the spot of pain dead on.

Green Roads CBD formulation is fantastic, using a proprietary brand of CBD, soothing CBD infused topicals, edibles, and alternative CBD definitely help them stick above the pack of over 900 plus CBD manufacturers, you probably have heard of them for good reason, they have been on multiple networks and shows, this adds credibility to their company and is widely accepted as being in the top 10 of those 900 companies, so you may want to take that into consideration. We offer the best pricing possible on the whole line up.

Element Earth CBD is proud to have them on board; with a solid relationship, we bring you quality at a price that is affordable and makes sense. With the cleanest and up to date lab reports you have no worries about an inferior product. We try our hardest to bring you the best of the best, anything less is a money grab and a disservice to you.

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