live resin gummies

How to Consume the King of Cannabis Concentrates – Live Resin

live resin gummies

There are cannabis concentrates and then there are live concentrates, or live resin as they are better known! Concentrates are famed for their smooth flavor and potency, yet they are no match for a live resin! Those who have tried even live resin gummies will vouch for the same.

What Makes it Different?

Drying and curing cannabis is essential for activating the plant compounds and converting them into CBD, THC, etc. While this will remove most of the moisture, alas, some of the terpenes also dissipate in the process. These terpenes are the ‘juices’ that give the cannabis its flavor and aroma – which can range from sweet or citrusy to earthy and skunky. A study showed that when the cannabis plant is dried for a week at room temperature, it loses 31% of the terpenes!

Now, concentrate enthusiasts swear by the fantastictaste and aroma of thewell-made concentrates. However, they have to try a live resin to appreciate the heightened enjoyment of the impeccably preserved terpene profile. Moreover, the enhanced terpene content also increases the effects of THC and CBD.

The difference here is that the cannabis flowers and sugar leaves are flash-frozen immediately after harvest. The drying/curing process is eliminated as live resin is directly extracted from the frozen cannabis, with the below-freezing temperatures being maintained during the extraction process. This gives it an additional nuance that cannot be experienced with regular concentrates. It is this luxurious flavor and heady aroma that has caused live resin to be dubbed as the ‘champagne of concentrates’!

How to Enjoy Live Resin

Live resin is ready and waiting with its whole spectrum of flavor and a tempting aroma to boot.There are many ways of consuming this sticky, waxy substance akin to other concentrates. Like:

Dabbing – A discerning user described dabbing live resin as ‘going on a date with the ghost of the plant’! This requires a dab rig wherein the nail is heated with a torch lighter before using a dab tool to place a small amount of live resin on it. It will vaporize and can be inhaled from the other end of the pipe. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial here.

Vaping–An easier way is to use a vape pen. The live resin is placed in the bowl of the pen and the coil will heat and vaporize the concentrate in a similar manner.

Carts – Still easier is to opt for live resin cartridges. These are pre-filled, disposable carts that can be attached to a battery and smoked directly.

Bowl – Live resin can be smoked by sprinkling it on top of a bowl of flowers. Some prefer to wrap it around a joint or blunt too.

Edibles – Live resin edibles are relatively new on the scene.

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