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Social CBD (Formerly Select CBD)

Social CBD is in a class of its own with premium, all-natural, organic ingredients for all times during the day and night.

Social CBD capsules offer a great variety of ingredients for specific ailments or pain, such as Recover CBD Capsules, which not only reduces inflammation, and in one pill, there are 33.3mg of CBD and 150mg of Tumeric, and 5mg of Black Pepper per serving.

It doesn’t stop there; with Boost CBD Capsules, there is a healthy dose of natural energy source enriched with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

The oils are flavorful, healthy for the mind and body, with zero THC. If you are looking for a broad spectrum solution and flavors to make it all the more satisfying, you may want to look into this brand.

Social CBD also carries a very effective pain cream, with plentiful Aloe, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, and more; the result is undeniably satisfying.
Every product has its 3rd party lab results, and every product is packed with GMO-free, organic hemp extraction.

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Social CBD Bacon Pet Tincture – Broad Spectrum – 250mg


Social CBD Sleep Blackberry Mint Gummies – 750mg – Edibles


Social CBD Chill Lemon Berry CBD Gummies Broad Spectrum – 750mg


Social CBD Lemon CBD Gummies Zero THC – 750mg


Social CBD Peach Mango Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies 750mg


Social CBD Red Raspberry Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies


Social CBD Peppermint Isolate CBD Drops – 2000mg


Social CBD Oil Isolate Tincture – 500mg – 2000mg


Social Naturals CBG Drops – Natural Flavor – 1500mg Potent


Social CBD Balance Capsules 1000mg Phytonutrient Blend | 30 Count


Social CBD Lemon Ginger Tincture Oil 1000mg – 2000mg


Social CBD 1000mg Gel Capsules – Recover


Social CBD Rest Gel Capsules 1000mg (33mg/Dose)


Social CBD Gel Capsules Boost 1000mg (33mg/Dose)


Social CBD Muscle Rub 250mg


Social 1000mg Hemp Extract CBD Tincture Oil Drops (33mg/Dose Lavender)