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What you should know about THCA Diamonds

Delta 8 THC diamonds

Diamonds have held a legendary position among the high and royal parts of society. A woman’s best friend, green, blue, purple, pink, and red, you name it. Ever heard of a diamond that helps cure diseases? No, you don’t wear them but consume them in quantities only a doctor can tell you. But what are we talking about?

Well, there’s a new diamond in town, preferably the precursor to THC. THCA is a type of Cannabis that is found in the plant, stems, and flowers of marijuana. Unlike THC, this compound called THCA has health benefits. Before we jump into why these diamonds are becoming far more precious today, let’s dive into the meaning of THCA.

What is THCA?

It has a large, complex name. We’ll spell it out for you!

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid or THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found abundantly in cannabis. By non-psychoactive, we mean that this compound when consumed does not lead to mood changes, feelings, or behavior. It is most well absorbed by the body. A raw method like cannabis juicing is used as a means to consume this compound.

Why have people started consuming THCA? It has proved to drive away notorious symptoms of serious health conditions.

  • THCA relieves inflammation, and pain in conditions such as arthritis, and seizures.
  • It is also known to treat Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • THCA can help stimulate the appetite of people suffering from Cachexia (extreme weight loss, muscle wasting).
  • Anorexia Nervosa (eating disorder, the obsession to lose extreme weight) can be treated too with the use of this diamond.
  • Research also shows that THCA helps decelerate the growth rate of cancer cells.

Why are they also known as THCA Diamonds?

THCA is crystalline in nature and appearance. It is incredibly potent; adding up to its reference as diamonds. When THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is reduced to its purest form, it shines uniquely. Those new to THC in the market should take them with caution because they are highly potent. So, people used to high potency would enjoy it the most rather than first-timers who haven’t even experienced CBD.

THC can only be activated or crystallize through decarboxylation (a heating process). This is why direct consumption of this compound produces no effect. It is dabbed in a glass rig where a certain type of heat is exposed to bring out the effects of THC-A.

The extraction process of crystalline THC-A is technically advanced and demands heavy processing. It, therefore, comes at a cost as it contains nearly 99.9% THC levels. Trace levels of Terpene are found which is removed during the purging process. However, based on preference some products contain terpenes. The label on these products can be checked to see what type of product is being purchased. Many prefer the presence of terpenes and CBD.

How does the extraction process benefit manufacturers?

These diamonds can be shaped based on how you want them. By this, we don’t mean the actual shape but the ingredients and their concentration levels. This is done through the extraction process of THCA.

The process of extracting THC is so advanced that the extent of isolation of THC can be modified to the customer’s preference. This means that the extract can be created with a concentrate of blends at different levels of each compound used. For instance, a flavored THC extract with terpenes, or a non-flavored blend of THC and CBD can be created accordingly.

THCA Diamonds are made from live resin extracts

So, how are these diamonds in the rough? Where do they come from and why is their source important? They come from live resin extracts. Here’s why!

The process of creating crystalline THC-A is called Diamond Mining. Live resin extracts are commonly used to make THCA Diamonds as they are highly potent and also contain terpenes.

How the extraction is done is necessary to know to comprehend the nature of the product you buy. It is also worth noting that not until recently, the process of developing THCA has been revealed to us.

Let’s get into the details. To clearly understand, we’ll bulleted the info for you!

  • Butane is extracted to yield an uncured live resin.
  • The solution obtained is purged with heat to remove residual solvent.
  • Following this, the live resin is placed in a container and kept in a dark room. This makes it an ideal environment for the separation process to surface in the solution.
  • The separation process over 2 to 3 weeks causes the liquid to separate from the crystals. The terpenes present, create a liquefied layer on the top while cannabinoid crystals form on the bottom.
  • Once the separation is complete, the extractors will step into the final stage. Here, the liquid and the crystals formed are separated to purify them individually.
  • Once the liquefied terpene solution is purged, the resulting terpene sauce is packaged separately or together with the THCA Diamonds.

Are THCA Diamonds the next big wave?

Yes, they indeed are becoming popular among many. Several concentrate consumers believe that this product is the future of amazingly new cannabis inventions. As it grants extractors the liberty to customize products accurately, making THC, CBD, and terpene-blended products should be a cakewalk.

People suffering from numerous diseases and underlying conditions can experience relief of symptoms through this product. Several doctors have stated that THCA greatly improves the treatment of epilepsy. Preclinical research shows that THCA may be anti-inflammatory and may help in reducing nausea. THCA can work its therapeutic effects on a patient at very low doses. It is also more readily available as compared to CBD and THC compounds.

With THCA Diamonds setting the market abuzz with its potent effects, are we set to exploring newer avenues of its use? THCA has shown massive progress and promise in treating specifically complex diseases. Scientists are yet to discover other potential benefits of this product. As more and more clinical trials run, one can hope to see new developments in this field. Cannabis is sure to make progress in the health industry.

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