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CBD & Our Immune System

CBD & Our Immune System

Among the newest of products that claim to be able to improve the functioning of your immune system is CBD. Because CBD brands are so new, scientists have not yet fully discovered the advantages of taking them and the precise way that they work on the body. Yet enough studies have been done on CBD to learn that it does positively impact the body’s immune system so as to boost your all-around health. We look at these CBD health benefits in this article.

Your Immune System Plays Key Roles In the Body’s Overall Health

Practically every second in every day, your body is assaulted by a continuous raft of infections, diseases, bacteria, and viruses. Most of these invaders would finally kill you but for the tireless efforts of your body’s immune system that helps to keep them in check. Your immune system turns out to be a vast array of organs, cells, and tissues that labor continuously together to vanquish foreign matter and cells. This effort allows you to remain alive and to stay healthy as well. The core agents of this immune system are your white blood cells.

White blood cells are comprised of phagocytes and lymphocytes. Phagocytes work to neutralize and absorb invading pathogens. This stops them from multiplying to create further damage. Lymphocytes meanwhile destroy the dangerous foreign toxins that enter the bloodstream. These T-cells and B-cells also serve a critical function in developing immunity to further attacks. They remember the foreign invaders, allowing your body’s immune system to efficiently and rapidly respond if they should return again. When working together optimally and in concert, your immune system’s lymphocytes and phagocytes prevent you from becoming severely ill.

Besides this, the immune system serves another important function. Not only safeguarding your organism from such toxic assaults, your body’s immune system also bears the responsibility for finding and shutting down cells that do not work optimally. After the immune system locates these incorrectly functioning cells, it begins the process of apoptosis (also known as cellular death) to make sure that such defective body cells do not replicate and then create tumors.

Another system that works in concert with the immune system is the recently discovered ECS endocannabinoid system. Scientists are still learning to understand the way this works in your organism. They have established that it aids in creating and maintaining homeostasis (better known as balance) among the many systems of your body. Your organism is capable of producing endocannabinoids on its own on-demand to assist with regulating the function of your cells, such as the ones found in your body’s immune system.

CBD Positively Impacts the Immune System

As stated earlier, studies have already determined that CBD is able to positively impact your body’s immune system. In particular, these studies have shown that CBD oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties. As such it works as an immunomodulator and immunosuppressant. A significant number of these studies talk about the immunosuppressant effects of CBD. It helps to better understand the ways that CBD functions in its capacity as immunosuppressant. It does the following to impact your body and its immune system:

  • With its helpful anti-inflammatory properties, it is able to decrease the inflammatory response of your immune system. Inflammation is a needed response when toxins invade your body as it isolates the impacted areas to stop them from spreading.
  • CBD is able to stop proliferation (known as rapid cellular growth).
  • It helps to encourage apoptosis.
  • CBD helps to suppress the secretion and functions of cytokines, which are major groups of proteins that certain cells within your body’s immune system secrete. They serve to signal to molecules which control your body’s inflammation, immunity, and production of white blood cells.
  • It can discourage the function and production of T-cells, which would reduce the immune system’s capability of recalling foreign toxin invaders.
  • CBD is also a suppressant of chemokine production. This cytokine group serves as chemoattractants. They take the body’s immune cells over to an infected site, allowing the white blood cells to assault and eliminate microbes that are invading the body.

This is a powerful list of functions. In its capacity as a potent immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory supplement, CBD is not always an appropriate choice for healthy individuals. CBD virus effects can help sick individuals. CBD oils are especially effective as a treatment for autoimmune diseases. They have been proven to be a superb selection for treating or therapy of these ailments. We look at this next.

CBD Treats Autoimmune Diseases

It helps to understand what an autoimmune disease is to better grasp the utility and efficacy of CBD oils in treating them. Autoimmune diseases are those that prevent your body’s immune system from functioning correctly or optimally. Rather than assault the invading antigens and foreign microbes, your immune system erroneously attacks the body’s healthy organs, tissues, and/or cells. Such devastating self-harming attacks can happen in any part of the organism. They typically result in a decrease in the effective functioning of the body. There are scenarios where these autoimmune diseases are actually life-threatening.

Doctors and scientists have intensively studied the autoimmune diseases in the last few decades and recent years. Nowadays, they have learned of over 80 individual varieties of them. Common examples of these autoimmune diseases are the following: rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, HIV/AIDS, and Huntington’s Disease, to name just a few.

How CBD Can Aid in the Struggle Against Autoimmune Diseases

Inflammation has been linked to a number of autoimmune diseases. As we have seen, scientific studies have demonstrated that CBD works effectively as an immunomodulator and immunosuppressant with its powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics. Taking CBD may assist with decreasing the inflammation. Also for those individuals suffering from overactive immune systems that attack and harm their own organism, they can receive benefits from the immunosuppressant properties found naturally in CBD. Studies have yet to understand the CBD virus effects.

In Conclusion

It is true that science needs to continue investigating the correlation between the body’s immune system and CBD. More studies will continue to be done for certain in the near future, but the initial results are already encouraging. Thanks to the information that has been uncovered so far, we can say with confidence that the various CBD brands and CBD oils offer the substantial potential to become a more natural type of effective therapy. CBD health benefits concerning the various autoimmune diseases are already demonstrated and should only grow with time and further scientific exploration.

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