CBD Targeted Alternatives

The hemp plant is known for CBD, but now due to the new extraction methods, we are able to take more specifically targeted cannabinoids. These are all targeted more so than a dose of CBD.

For example, cannabigerol (CBG) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. A year ago, these were unheard of in these concentrations, as the levels found in the hemp plant are far less than the abundance of CBD. But now with the industry growing, more and more cannabinoids are being sold by themselves, or with a healthy mix of CBD.

CBN’s targeted are sedation and real night time assistance with feeling calm, with very similar effect to Valium, non-habit-forming of course. CBN is also known for PTSD treatments as well as a good, natural night of sleep.

CBDa has been studied and proven to help with Autism and extreme ADHD. We also have a 1:1 formula of CBD and CBDa.

Move over CBD, you have a few more buddies to make room for. As time goes on, we will update this section to include other cannabinoids that are proven to be reliable, and prices that make sense!