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USDA Organic Hemp - Nano Emulsified - GMO-Free - Zero THC

Founded in July of 2018, when growing hemp wasn’t yet federally legal as its growth was only permissible as part of the government-approved pilot and research programs. And while many hemp farmers followed organic farming practices, certifications on domestically grown hemp crops were impossible to come by.

USDA Organic Broad Spectrum CBD

To be USDA, every single part of the production process must be certified organic—from farming to distillation to winterization. Various methods of CBD extraction gained organic certification, but one step specific to the broad spectrum process followed behind: the THC removal process.

Up until recently, there simply were few who had mastered a certified organic method of THC extraction. So while sourcing full spectrum CBD became easy, sourcing broad spectrum at a large enough scale to meet our customers’ demands became near impossible—until recently.

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