MedTerra CBD

MedTerra CBD

The athlete's "go-to" CBD products, zero THC, completely isolated CBD oil.

MedTerra CBD is proving to be one of the leaders in terms of CBD Isolate products, very competitively priced without funny stuff or gimmicks. MedTerra also has a full line up of hemp CBD products in various categories such as tinctures, edibles, pets, and more. Should you have any sort of issue with Full Spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD (Full Spectrum without the THC cannabinoid), then MedTerra is highly recommended.

There is no doubt they have not put in the time and effort into advertising and of course for good reason. Another major reason Element Earth CBD Shop is proud to offer this brand and is for those in need of Isolate CBD. Isolate CBD contains nothing but CBD; you will not find any terpenes or any other cannabinoids other than strictly the Cannabidiol cannabinoid (CBD), as there is a demand for this sort of CBD due to drug tests and stigma that comes with THC, but more than that its very effective and makes just about every top 10 list out there.  They have also just started to expand into the Broad Spectrum CDB market as well, as stated, Isolate is pure and effective, but Full and Broad Spectrum just carries better in terms of effectiveness mostly due to the Entourage Effect.

Their capsules are just as effective as well, containing only isolated CBD, and capsules are a great way to keep your daily regimen on point to the milligram.

Isolate CBD is just as you may expect from the name - isolated CBD. Through the critical C02 extraction process, the CBD is pulled from the hemp plant so there are no THC cannabinoids if that is your thing or ANY other compounds in your products. All their hemp is grown in Kentucky, USA. They also consider Kentucky’s ecology is perfect for growing high-quality hemp as it has rich soil and a long growing season. Their hemp farm passes the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

When searching for Isolates CBD, creams, and oils, working with a company that is trusted throughout the United States and other countries is essential. Purchase with peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving a product that has been American farmed, extracted, and third-party tested for quality and reliability.

Isolates have a verifiable purity and our third party testing results are always posted for your comfort and clarity. Element Earth highly recommends MedTerra for anyone who is set on isolate CBD, with no need to worry about any sort of corner-cutting.

They are now moving towards Broad Spectrum CBD, as they understand the importance of the Enterouge Effects effectiveness. Now we like them even more. A few things we do not like is the barrage of money poured into search results. We would personally like to see some of those resources put into making a better product.

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Medterra Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Gel Caps – 1500mg (50mg/Dose)


Medterra – CBD Capsules – Liposomal Good Morning Capsules – 750mg


Medterra CBD Pain Relief Cream 500mg / 1000mg 50mL (1.7 Oz)


Medterra CBD – Immune Boost – Elderberry Gummies – 750MG


Medterra CBD Oil – Immune Boost – Isolate – 750MG


Medterra CBD Wellness Ultra Immune Boost Elixir (1000mg – 1500mg) 60mL Bottle


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MedTerra CBD Morning CBD Bundle


MedTerra Bundle – Isolate CBD Oil & Caps – Save $$$


MedTerra CBD Isolate 500mg CBD Oil & 750mg CBD Capsules


MedTerra CBD Roll On 250mg (2 OZ, Isolate CBD)


Medterra CBD Pet Chews – Peanut Butter Flavored – 300MG CBD


MedTerra CBD for Pets 150MG – 750MG 30mL – Chicken & Beef


Medterra Manuka Facial Body Cream 125mg/250mg


MedTerra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 250mg (3.4 Fl Oz)


MedTerra 750mg Morning CBD Gels with Caffeine 25mg/Dose


MedTerra CBD Gel Capsules 750mg / 1500mg Zero THC


Medterra CBD Isolate CBD Oil Tinctures 500mg / 1500mg / 3000mg (0% THC)