Pachamama CBD

Pachamama tested its products for 14 months before launching its line. Pachamama has a real commitment to serving some of the finest CBD products.

Pachamama, well-known for its flavored e-Cig vape juices, expanded into the world of CBD. At Element Earth CBD, we spotted a few outstanding features separating Pachamama CBD from over 900+ CBD manufacturers in the USA—while a multitude of products on the market have proven to be sub-par, Pachamama has consistently excellent result.

This producer uses a decarboxylation system that infuses hot air into the hemp in its extraction process, a crucial step to obtain the best oils from USA-grown organic help. It’s GMO-free, third-party lab-tested, and has achieved a constant level of quality and effectiveness. (Cannabinoids don’t occur in significant concentrations in the plant but are formed through the decarboxylation of the corresponding acids.)

Full Spectrum is Pachamama’s focus, the most popular of the three types of CBD oil of the three offered-- full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Currently, Pachamama offers  750mgand 1750mg 30mL bottles of premium tinctures. In addition, its products are highly effective--- quality concentrations get the job done. Extremely beneficial for arthritis, joint pain, and soreness, the producer offers highly effective salves.

In 2019, the producer won Best Tincture at the CBD Northwest expo for best ingredients, intensity, smell, taste—and for its “filler.” Pachamama’s premium CBD has proven to be the most effective tinctures on the planet—because Pachamama uses green tea—known for its health and restorative benefits-- in its oils.

Element Earth offers the complete line of Pachamama CBD products – in addition to producing quality products, its pricing is just right for the consumer. Let us help you find the best of its offerings that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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