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Premium Vape vs Low Quality Vapes

Premium CBD Vapes vs. Low-Quality CBD Vapes

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective ways (bio-availability) of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. However, choosing the wrong vape cartridge could diminish the effects of CBD or even make your experience with this cannabinoid harmful.

Armed with the correct information, you’ll have an easy time separating the premium CBD vape cartridges on the market from the bad. Learn how to spot the variations between low-quality and premium CBD vapes.

Is it better to vape CBD oil or take it orally?

There are many reasons that you might turn to CBD vape cartridges instead of taking a more traditional approach. Inhaling CBD, for example, offers the highest bioavailability, and this ingestion method also renders a much quicker delivery to our CB1 and CBD2 receptors.

Ingesting CBD orally offers mild effects that usually last 1-3 hours. While vaping CBD’s effects only last 90 minutes at most, they’re much more potent than the results of orally ingested CBD.

Vaping CBD is also more economical. Ingesting CBD orally can waste up to 85% of the cannabinoids you consume. Our bodies can use around 50% – 80% of the CBD you inhale, however, meaning that CBD vapor provides more bang for your buck.

You might also find vaping CBD to be more enjoyable. High-quality CBD vapor is tasty and smells fantastic.

Does vaping CBD bypass the liver? Yes.

One of the leading causes that people use CBD vape cartridges is to experience potent effects. These enhanced effects are a result of the unique properties of inhaled CBD.

When you ingest CBD orally, it passes through your digestive tract. Before it can enter your bloodstream, the CBD you swallow has to make its way through your liver.

Your liver is just trying to protect you, but this organ ends up filtering out almost all the CBD you ingest orally. As a result, the effects of orally ingested CBD can be mild.

Inhaling CBD, however, allows this cannabinoid to:

  • Immediately enter your bloodstream
  • Bypass your liver
  • Pass to your nervous system almost immediately
  • Provide enhanced, potent effects

Does vaping CBD cause lung damage?

CBD itself is not known to cause lung damage. 

However, CBD vape cartridges often contain unnecessary ingredients that might be harmful. A CBD vape cartridge might could your lungs if it contains:

  • PG
  • VG
  • Non-terpene flavorings
  • Vitamin E acetate
  • Anything other than CBD extract and natural terpenes

What is the best CBD vape cartridge?

The hemp market is saturated with CBD vape cartridges. At a glance, most of these cartridges look very similar. And packaging can make it look even better, but, be careful, as the old saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. And that could not be further from the truth. Just like how vaping nicotine was once advertised with an appearance almost dedicated to younger people, we all know the outcome of that. And rightfully so.

These commonalities are, however, only skin-deep. Under the hood, there’s a world of difference between one CBD vape cartridge and another.

Learning to spot these differences will keep you from wasting money on low-quality cartridges and steer you toward CBD vape cartridges that provide the effects you’re looking for. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you select the best CBD vape carts for your purposes:

  • Type of CBD – Full, Broad, or Isolate Spectrum CBD
  • Additional ingredients – That may not be what anyone wants to inhale
  • Flavorings – Natural flavors vs synthetic lab made flavors, you know which one would be better
  • Lab testing – COAs (Lab Reports) are crucial
  • Potency – Don’t believe everything you see or read, it may say one thing, COAs come into play here
  • Price – A common misconception, the more money the better right? No. Not always the case.
  • Components used in vape cartridge hardware – Quality cartridges only, not cheap ones made in haste in bulk
  • Compatibility with popular vape batteries – 99.9% of carts have a 510 thread and require a battery just like this one.

What makes a CBD vape high-quality?

CBD vape cartridges should contain high-quality broad-spectrum or full-spectrum extract. They should be reasonably potent, and they should be free of artificial flavoring ingredients.

The best CBD vape cartridges are compatible with standard vape batteries. They’re constructed with high-caliber hardware, and they’re lab-tested. Learn more about the hallmarks of the best CBD vape cartridges on the market:

Type of extract

CBD vapes can contain three types of CBD:

  • Isolate CBD
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Full-spectrum CBD

High-quality CBD vapes can contain either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD. Vape cartridges that have to isolate CBD are universally low-quality since they must be accompanied by MCT oil, PG, or VG, all known to be harmful.


Terpenes can be used to safely flavor CBD vape cartridges. Terpenes for CBD vape cartridge flavoring can be derived from cannabis or a variety of other plants.

Genuine cannabis-derived terpenes offer the highest quality and the best effects. If a CBD vape cartridge contains strain-specific, natural cannabis terpenes, it’s very likely to be high-quality.


High-quality CBD vapes are all alike in that they are reasonably potent. The average CBD vape cartridge potency is between 40-80% CBD.

Potency any higher than 80-90% can indicate that a CBD vape cartridge contains isolate CBD. If a CBD vape cartridge’s potency is less than 40%, it most likely contains low-quality extract or filler ingredients (not good).


High-quality CBD vape cartridges contain ceramic, glass, or steel hardware components. If your vape cartridge contains plastic or aluminum, it is low-quality and could be harmful to your health.


You shouldn’t need to buy a specialized vape battery just to use a CBD vape cartridge. The best CBD vape cartridges are compatible with standard vape batteries.

Lab tests

CBD vape cartridges should be accompanied by rigorous, independent potency and purity reports provided by a third-party analytics lab. Be very wary of CBD vape cartridge producers that don’t provide lab tests or make their lab reports hard to find.

What are some of the characteristics of low-quality CBD vapes?

Low-quality CBD vape cartridges contain isolated CBD packed with useless filler ingredients and tend to recrystallize. Learn to recognize the telltale signs of a CBD vape cartridge that will be disappointing or harm your health:

Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD is unsuitable for CBD vape cartridges since it takes on a crystalline form. To be liquefied, isolate CBD must be combined with non-cannabis substances like:

  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, a coconut oil derivative that can cause lipoid pneumonia when inhaled
  • Propylene glycol (PG), a petroleum product that may produce carcinogenic compounds when vaporized
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG), a highly-processed plant derivative that may also be carcinogenic

As a result, any vape cartridge containing isolate CBD can be considered low-quality or even dangerous.

Filler ingredients

The 2019 vape scare was primarily caused by the presence of vitamin E acetate in vape products. Low-quality CBD vapes can also contain other harmful additives designed mainly by add weight without providing any benefits.

Artificial flavorings

The only flavorings that should be included in CBD vapes are natural botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes. Any other flavorings are unsuitable and may be harmful.

Be wary of vape cartridges that contain “natural flavors.” 

Be incredibly skeptical of flavored vape cartridges that are not accompanied by any documentation detailing their flavoring agents’ origins.


Low-quality and unethical vapes that contain isolate CBD tend to recrystallize. Vapes that have recrystallized do not perform well. They’re identifiable by the jagged, crystalline structures that develop inside recrystallized cartridges.

Limited product information

If a CBD vape cartridge manufacturer doesn’t provide an abundance of information on its products, assume it has something to hide. At the bare minimum, a CBD vape cartridge should be accompanied by:

  • Third-party lab tests
  • Potency information
  • An ingredients list
  • Transparent pricing information
  • High-quality, professional product pictures
  • Plenty of credible, verified-customer reviews

Rock-bottom pricing

Everyone wants to get a good deal on CBD vapes. If your vape price is too low, however, you might end up paying with your health.

How can I make sure I choose a high-quality CBD vape?

There are only two steps you need to take to pick a high-quality CBD vape:

  1. Use the information in this guide
  2. Trust your intuition

If a CBD vape brand rubs you the wrong way, choose a competitor. Reference the dead giveaways of a low-quality CBD vape cartridge we’ve detailed, and remember the desirable attributes that all high-quality CBD vapes have in common.

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