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Cured Vs. Live Resin: Choosing the Right One for Your Benefits

live resin

Are you a cannabis consumer and love the concentrates? Well, you will have a hard time deciding whether to choose between cured and live resin. Before you buy, make sure you have a proper understanding of both, what they are made from, and what the differences are between the two. Here is a comparative analysis of cured and live resin to help you choose a suitable concentrate.

Live resin: what’s the deal about?

Unlike most other concentrates of cannabis, live resin is made from freshly-harvested product. Naturally, it captures the aroma and flavor appropriately. Typically, the plant is flash-freezed immediately after being picked and skips the curing process. So, what the end consumers get is an aromatic product offering an unforgettable cannabis experience. It retains the terpene content of different strains. Most extraction labs use butane to produce live resin concentrates.

Making of live resin

What happens when cannabis flowers are cured and dried? The flavors and aromas tend to go away. After the completion of curing process, the flowers end to lose about half of the aromas. That is why cannabis lovers prefer live resin products more than other concentrates. Wondering how it is extracted?

Usually, the cannabis flowers undergo freezing with dry ice or immersed in a container of liquid nitrogen. The plants remain frozen until the beginning of the extraction process. The terpene content in live resin is higher and the reason why it is so flavorful. Compared to hash oil, shatter, and wax, the cannabis concentrate is preferred by many. Here is what live resin offers:

  • High in terpene

Live resin is rich in terpene, making it highly aromatic and flavorful. The terpene content may vary from strain to strain, affecting the flavor to a great extent.

  • Fresh product

One of the distinct flavors of live resin is frozen and fresh plant material, which retains cannabinoids, resulting in a versatile and flavorful product.

  • Unique experience

Live resin does not always have the highest THC content but the blend of cannabinoids and terpenes create a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Vibrant and versatile

There are different ways of using live resin like vaping and dabbing. However, it can also be added to blunts and joints. What makes it more distinct compared to other concentrates is its versatility. That is why it is highly accessible to various consumers.

cured and live resin

Cured resin

Cured resin is dry cannabis that undergoes the curing process. In other words, the product undergoes an aging process, altering its flavors. In this process, one gets psychoactive form of cannabinoid from non-psychoactive form. Additionally, there is gradual degradation of plant materials and chlorophyll, resulting in improved flavor and reduction of harshness in smoking. Here are the distinct features of cured resin:

  • THC Concentrate

The curing process enhances THC concentration compared to live resin, making it more suitable for those looking forward to intense effects.

  • Versatile

Cannabis lovers can enjoy cured resin in several ways line vaping, dabbing, or blending it with cannabis flowers.

  • Flavor

The terpene content reduces during the curing process and elevates various others, resulting is a fine blended taste.

live resin products

Cured or live resin: which product to choose?

Are you in a dilemma whether to choose cured or live resin? A lot depends on what your preferences are in terms of the experience. While live resin is completely fresh and enveloped in terpene, cured resin is more potent and mature. However, you need to take the final call based on various parameters like potency, terpenes, aroma, and flavor. Here is how you need to make the decision:

  • Color and appearance

There is a vast difference in the color and appearance of cured and live resin. While live resin comes in lighter shades and has higher viscosity, cured resin has a darker shade with a solid consistency, making it look like wax. The highly viscous texture of live resin makes it ideal for vaping and dabbing.

  • Flavor

Cured resin undergoes the curing and drying process, and naturally has a more mature and concentrated flavor. It also lends a more subtle, rich and intense taste as the terpene content mature. Live resin, on the other hand comes with a fresher and a more vivacious flavor. It is prepared from flash-frozen plants retaining high quantity of terpenes and cannabinoids.

  • Flexibility and popularity

Live resin has gained momentum among cannabis users and enthusiasts as it is rich in terpene and offers the freshness of frozen plants. Cured resin is more conventional and highly appreciated high THC content and mature flavors. Both live and cured are highly flexible in terms of concentrates and available in different products to suit the preferences of users.

  • Affordability

Cost comparison of both varieties reveals that cured resin is a more affordable variety. The high THC content and the drying process make it more budget-friendly. On the other hand, live resin is high-priced due to the flesh-freezing process that is conducted after harvest, allowing it to retain the freshness.

Don’t just fall into the never-ending debate of live vs. cured resin but explore the pros and cons of both based on the parameters discussed here before making the right decision. Before you buy, step into to view our collections of products.


  1. Which product is better for beginners live or cured resin?

Live resin is a better product for mature users due to its freshness, high terpene content. Users need to begin with cured resin with relatively high THC content and them switch to live resin when they are familiar with the product.

  1. Is it safe to consume live resin?

Live resin is safe when the extraction process complies with the standard of regulation. Make sure you buy from authentic sellers to get guaranteed and high-quality products.

  1. Which resin enhances your experience live or curd?

Cured resin has a higher THC content and provides a more intense effect but live resin with lower THC content creates a more accomplished experience.


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