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Delta 8 Products – What is Trending and Why?

Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 has literally set the cannabis market buzzing. This new cannabinoid has a lot going for it. The best part is that it has been able to strike the middle ground between the staid CBD and its volatile counterpart, Delta 9 THC. It brings the medical benefits of hemp-derived cannabis without the intensely psychoactive ‘high’ of Delta 9. The effect is more mild, mellow, and smooth. Therefore, it will ease pain, relieve stress, and promote better sleep even as it soothes the mind and body.

Moreover, while Delta 9 is considered illegal, Delta 8 capsules and other such products are in a grey area as they are synthetically manufactured from hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Let us take a look at some of the trending Delta 8 products today:

  • 3CHI Gummies –This is not only the most famous brand of Delta 8 products but also happens to be the first manufacturer to offer federally legal ones. The gummies are especially popular as they quickly get absorbed in the body. Therefore, the appealingly relaxing and euphoric sensations can be experienced much faster! They come in different flavors and varying pack sizes.
  • Delta Extrax – This is a premium brand that has cemented its place in the industry and tops the popularity stakes across a range of Delta 8 formulations. The flowers, vapes and pre-rolls offer a choice of blends of mixed cannabinoids. Interesting flavor options are also available. The effect is uplifting without becoming overwhelming.
  • CBDistillery Softgel Capsules –CBDistillery is renowned for its high-quality, fairly-priced, hemp products. The soft gels bring the convenience of measured and controlled servings. They are popular for pain relief and better sleep with a gentle and smooth ‘high’ that can make for tranquil evenings.
  • Secret Nature – This is another tried and trusted brand that brings super-premium strains of Delta 8 to the cannabis market. It has a portfolio of products from flowers and blunts to pre-rolls and vape cartridges. It can provide support with anxiety and pain while uplifting the mood and bringing positivity in the mind. It is not too strong and the rolls are packed well too.

Finally, the choice of Delta 8 products should depend on the quality of hemp and the extraction method. It should be backed by third-party lab testing too. This is why experienced users prefer to source their Delta 8 prerolls and Delta 8 THC softgels from the online retailer, Element Earth CBD Shop at It stocks Delta 8 and other cannabis products from brands that have a spotless reputation. The products are reliable, potent and there is a variety of product choices too. Vegan options are also available in gummies and other edibles.

What more can a Delta 8 fan ask for?

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